Jere Wise Scholarships for Agriculture


Jere Wise was raised on a 160 acre farm near Newton, Iowa. He majored in Agronomy and credits a portion of his success to college and fraternity activities. Jere was a member of FarmHouse Fraternity, a member of Cardinal Key and was Class President. His career started with the plant food industry and later moved to crop protection chemicals. He acquired Kalo, Inc. a manufacturer of agricultural and turf specialties ( Jere and Sue Wise now reside in Naples FL. They created this scholarship to help young people have an opportunity to get an education and participate fully in leadership-related activities while in college. They intend to provide scholarships for deserving US citizens who are enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University and fit the criteria as defined. This scholarship is entirely funded from the savings of Jere and Sue Wise, with the hope and expectation that in the future the recipient will do the same for deserving students.  Criteria:  in CALS who are juniors and seniors, U.S. citizens, demonstrated leadership, top 25% (3.0-3.5) of class, or top 33% if have potential and demonstrated financial need, majoring in plant-related sciences such as: ag business with focus in entrepreneurship/marketing, agronomy including focus in climatology/irrigation, entomology, ag systems engineering, genetics with plant focus, food science with focus in safety, forestry, horticulture including focus in golf course-turf management/landscaping; preference to Veterans  (Please file FAFSA between Oct. 1 and Dec. 1 to be considered.)

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