Nelda Christian Graduate Pork Fellowship


Thanks to the generosity of the Iowa Pork Foundation, the ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is pleased to announce a graduate fellowship in the amount of $2500. This fellowship is designed to provide support to students studying at the MS or PhD level in the ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences who are conducting thesis or dissertation research related to the pork industry.

Applicants must be:

1) majoring in the areas of Animal Science, Agricultural Economics, Food Science, Microbiology, Agricultural Engineering or other related disciplines that contribute to the pork industry,
2) able to demonstrate initiative to specialize in an area that contributes to the swine industry upon graduation, and
3) US citizens.

Interested applicants are required to submit:

  • Cover letter stating:
    • current and previous swine experience and training
    • planned use of the funds
    • what support the student is already receiving
    • applicant's career plan
  1. A copy of the applicant's resume
  2. An endorsement by the applicant's faculty mentor or major professor.

Completed applications are due by April 1. Please send to:

Carmen Bain, Associate Dean for Academic Innovation
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - Iowa State University
E-mail applications are preferred:

Applicants will be selected by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the name of the finalist will be forwarded to the Iowa Pork Foundation by April 30th of each year.

The winner will be notified during the summer. The award will be made during the Fall semester by the Iowa Pork Foundation. Please note that the fellowship awardee must be present at the Iowa Pork Congress Kickoff Reception & Auction the following January, to be held in Des Moines. After receiving the fellowship the awardee is required to submit to the Iowa Pork Foundation a report to include information on the awardee's future career plans and plans for utilizing the Iowa Pork Foundation fellowship.

Available to: