College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Undergraduate Scholarship Application

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences undergraduate scholarships are intended for students who will be continuing their studies next fall. Students must be:

  • Enrolled in a primary major within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Enrolled 12 or more credits of coursework

Application Period: December 1 through February 1

Read the following instructions before you start:

Be sure to use proper capitalization (not ALL CAPS, not all lowercase). For example: Mary Smith, 123 Main Street, Hometown, IA 12345. Please do not use nicknames. Proofread before submitting. Applications with errors in ID numbers cannot be reviewed. Once you submit the application, it will be gone from your computer and you will not be able to save or make changes.Check for accuracy of your zip code, as incorrect zip codes cannot be mailed successfully. Zip codes and how to address your mail for campus and off-campus locations

Student Information
Contact Info
(Your local/Ames residential address for spring semester)
(if applicable,include apt. # or house floor)
Permanent (Parent or Hometown) Address
(An alternative location to contact you at should your local/Ames address not work for whatever reason)
County needed for Iowa residents only.
Academic Information
Add your total credits to credits you will earn by next fall.
Activities & Leadership Information
List participation in department, college, university and community organizations, years active, and leadership roles. List each organization or activity once, indicating your highest level of participation. Do NOT list high school organizations or activities, only college organizations or activities. Do NOT include recreational or sports-related activities (unless you are an officer of the organization); do NOT include your place of residence (residence hall, fraternity or sorority membership) (unless you are an officer). Limit your answer to the ones you feel are most important.
Organization 1
Organization 2
Organization 3
Organization 4

For Need-Based Scholarships

We will access your financial aid information from the Office of Financial Aid. Be sure to file FAFSA by December 1 to be considered for financial need-based scholarships.

Information Release

By submitting this form I am verifying that all the information I have provided is true and accurate. If selected for a scholarship, I understand my name may be included on the list of scholarship recipients for hometown newspapers press releases.